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A Truly Realistic Train Driving Simulation Game

Train Driver 2018 is a train simulator game that shall provide you the experience of handling different trains. You’ll be trying your hands at steam, freight and diesel locomotives in this game.

Realistic and Varied Experience

The game offers some real train driving experience. The detailed maps and stopping and parking at the railway stations offer that realistic vibe. You would be trying your hand at trains from different parts of the world, including trains from India, Europe, and London. And there are different kinds of trains such as TGV, bullet and subway trains. The train driving experience shall help you cover all theory there is to real train driving. If you’re a train driver in real life, you should be able to relate to this game fairly well. The gameplay is quite exciting, with animated passengers at the train stations hopping in and alighting.

Game Premise

As the train driver, your job is to drive the train through a range of extreme driving conditions – covering cities such as Paris and London, and going through tunnels, crossing river bridges, etc. Also, you must be wary of possible accidents and try avoiding them by carefully traversing dangerous tracks and dropping passengers at their respective train stations. Also, this game warrants perfect parking skills to mitigate collisions with other trains, especially when you’re about to halt at a train station where there are city or metro trains already parked on different tracks.


  • Traversing different terrains and places
  • Realistic train driving experience


  • Background music is not to everyone’s taste
  • Built-in adverts could be annoying

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Train Driver 2018


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